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Douglas and Angus Estates

Douglas and Angus Estates is the Douglas-Home Family estate company. The Family, an amalgam of two of the great Border Families (Home and Douglas) also own the Douglas Estate in South Lanarkshire, where unbroken Stewardship goes back for nearly 1,000 years.

Both country estates are firmly embedded in their local communities and throughout history the Family have taken the “long-view” and always sort to protect, maintain, improve and sustain their local environments – both for their own benefit and for those who share and live within them.

Leet Haugh will be no exception and the estate, working with Jamie Hudson, aim to deliver a scheme that will leave behind it a positive long-term legacy of a well-designed, well built, environmentally sound development providing homes for Coldstream, which will be favourably judged in the 21st Century.