Hudson Hirsel LLP give notice that the plans and specifications included within brochures, and other similar marketing material, is for illustrative purposes only and does not form part of any contract or constitute any representation or warranty. In this disclaimer any information provided is given in good faith but should not be relied on by the purchaser as a statement of fact.

Any areas, measurements (including room sizes) are approximate and may vary. The text, plans, and images are for guidance only and not necessarily comprehensive. It should not be assumed that the property has all of the necessary planning, building regulation or other consents. Prospective purchasers should not rely on the marketing information provided but must get their solicitor to check the plans and the specification attached to the contract.

The images prepared for brochures and other marketing material, were prepared from preliminary plans prior to the completion of the design and the properties and are intended as a guide only.

Hudson Hirsel LLP reserves the right to amend the specification and design, but to an equal or higher standard, without notice.

The photographs and images shown in the marketing material, or in the show home, show features of the surrounding countryside and may not be part of the development. Items noted in literature and sales material may depict appliances, fittings and decorative finishes that do not form part of the standard specification.

The name ‘Leet Haugh’ and ‘Birgham East’ are the marketing names for the developments and is subject to approval by the relevant authorities.

dramatic photograph of trees against a sky line