Customer Commitment Charter

Our Customer Commitment

Our customer commitment to you as a registered developer with the NHBC is to undertakes to adopt the NHBC’s requirements and standards of good practice when providing service, procedures and information to customers during and after the purchase of a new home:

  1. Hudson Hirsel will work to set procedures to meet the commitments detailed within this Customer Charter on service and procedure.
  2. We will train our staff to understand their responsibilities in our dealings with you and what the Customer Charter means for you.
  3. We will give you a copy of our Customer Charter if you ask for one. We will automatically give you a copy when a reservation is made. We will also make copies available at all our offices.
  4. Our on site sales staff are your first point of contact for any queries relating to your new home at any stage prior reservation and handover. If you would prefer to discuss any aspect of your new home with us directly or have any queries following handover please contact on 01721 540488 or by email on
  5. Our marketing and advertising will be clear and truthful. Accurate pre-contract information for any property for sale will be available from our sales staff to assist you to make an informed decision when making a reservation.  A property is reserved once the refundable reservation fee has been paid and the reservation form completed and signed.
  6. Following reservation, our solicitors will issue the relevant legal documentation to your solicitor to allow missives to be concluded within the reservation period detailed on the reservation form (normally 28 working days).  It is your responsibility as purchaser to appoint a solicitor to carry out the legal formalities of purchasing a property and to represent your interests. The solicitor’s details must be available to complete a reservation. Your solicitor should advise you regarding cancellation rights. Under Scottish law, once missives are concluded, both the seller and the purchaser are legally bound by their terms.
  7. Hudson Hirsel will contact you following conclusion of missives to arrange an appointment to discuss and select any options and upgrades to your new home where applicable. Any upgrades must be paid for at the time of ordering and selected in accordance with the build programme.
  8. Following reservation of a property, Hudson Hirsel will keep you informed of the construction progress of your new home. Via our solicitors, we will provide you with reliable information regarding legal completion/date of entry.  We will ensure that your legal representatives are provided with all necessary information to complete the legal transfer in a timely manner.
  9. We will provide your legal representatives with the required NHBC Buildmark documentation. We will provide you with information about NHBC’s Buildmark cover and any other guarantees and warranties from which you may benefit.
  10. Hudson Hirsel will explain to you on request the procedures for dealing with complaints including the availability of any warranty and resolution services. Hudson Hirsel will cooperate with appropriately qualified professional advisers appointed by you to resolve and disputes, if they arise.
  11. Hudson Hirsel will invite you to attend a pre handover inspection approximately 7 days before handover. We endeavour to rectify any snagging items identified at this stage prior to handover. Handover will take place once the property has been passed by both NHBC and the relevant local authority.
  12. We will clearly inform you about our after sales and emergency procedures which we will provide for a certain period after completion.
  13. At handover we will provide you with all necessary information and appliance manuals for your new home. We will demonstrate your properties functions and facilities to you.
  14. We will inform you clearly of the after-sales and emergency services that we will provide
  15. If you are not satisfied with any element of the service you receive from Hudson Hirsel relating to this Customer Charter please detail your complaint in writing to Jamie Hudson, Managing Partner, Hudson Hirsel LLP, PO Box 13829 Peebles, EH45 6AQ.

Contact NHBC or call 0800 035 6422