About Us

Douglas & Angus Country Estates

Douglas and Angus Estates is the Douglas-Home Family estate company. The Family, an amalgam of two of the great Border Families (Home and Douglas) also own the Douglas Estate in South Lanarkshire, where unbroken Stewardship goes back for nearly 1,000 years.

Both country estates are firmly embedded in their local communities and throughout history the Family have taken the “long-view” and always sort to protect, maintain, improve and sustain their local environments – both for their own benefit and for those who share and live within them.

Leet Haugh will be no exception and the estate, working with Jamie Hudson, aim to deliver a scheme that will leave behind it a positive long-term legacy of a well-designed, well built, environmentally sound development providing homes for Coldstream, which will be favourably judged in the 21st Century.


The Hirsel Estate

The Hirsel Estate extends to approximately 3,000 acres, comprising of mixed arable and livestock farming, forestry and residential property. Including woodland walks through kaleidoscopic colouring and breath-taking scents from the historic collection of rhododendron and azaleas in Dundock Wood, the Hirsel Lake provides a home to geese, swans, moorhen, coot, duck and grebe and is designated as an SSSI on the grounds of its National importance as site for overwintering wildfowl. Other amenities include the tea room, country museum, craft shops, gift shop and the Hirsel golf course.

The Hirsel is the seat of the Earls of Home who have been wardens of the east march of Scotland for centuries having taken ownership of the Hirsel in 1611. The Home family has not only served the community of Coldstream and the local area, but the Nation as well with Sir Alec Douglas-Home (the 14th Earl of Home) serving as Prime Minister in 1963. The Hirsel is currently under the stewardship of David, the 15th Earl of Home, and his immediate Family.


Hudson Hirsel

A Partnership between Jamie Hudson, one of the founders of Hudson Homes, which specialised in creating select and varied high quality developments across Scotland and the North of England, and the Hirsel Estate (part of Douglas and Angus Estates) has been established in order to deliver a unique development of homes to reflect the quality and importance of the site situated on the edge of the historic Hirsel Estate. Hudson Hirsel combines the balance and experience of sensitively designed new residential development and the sustainable management provided by the Home Family who have been guardians of the Hirsel Estate for the last four Centuries.

Our Aim

Hudson Hirsel want home owners to be as proud of being part of the Hirsel Estate, just as we want to be proud of perpetuating the historic legacy of both the Hirsel and Coldstream.

To create an environment that is recognisable to both local residents and newcomers to Coldstream and for those who live in nearby Borders Towns. The development will become part of a Border’s village rather than that of a suburban sprawl in any other part of the country.

Living at Leet Haugh will attract individuals, working couples, young families and those who wish to enjoy their retirement in a development with its own sense of community.

With quick access into Coldstream, the rolling countryside and all of the beautiful amenities provided by the Hirsel Estate, an affordable lifestyle can be enjoyed from people far and wide.